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Rihanna’s SOS is My Personal Gay Anthem

If you didn’t already have the impression that I’m from the WASPiest family in existence, allow me to introduce you to one of our dozen Christmas traditions… Instead of getting gifts for everyone, we decided years ago to do a gift … Continue reading

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COARQ Turns One!

Tomorrow, Confessions of a Rice Queen turns one year old! What started as a self-serving exercise of getting my writing out into the world (rather than confined to my hard drive) has over the course of the year become a … Continue reading

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If I’ve Always Been Gay, Then I’ve Always Been A Rice Queen

A lot of people when they come out say something like “I always knew,” and almost equally as often, those around them say “so did we.”  At my coming out, neither such phrase was uttered, which may be why it … Continue reading

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Expand Your Queercabulary: Potato Queen, Sticky Rice

I had a conversation about online dating with an Asian friend who expressed that he was particularly bummed that some of the Asian guys he had messaged never bothered to message him back. He reached the disappointing conclusion that some … Continue reading

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