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How Many Asian Drivers Does it Take…?

Awhile ago I was at a house party where one of the guests was inexplicably standoffish with me from the moment we met. Now, I don’t need everybody I meet to love me (I just really really want them to), … Continue reading

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PWC (aka The Lord of the Penis)

I have this group of friends that’s primarily gay Asian guys (which you should have assumed by this point), and one of the first times I was hanging with them at a bar, they started throwing around the term “PWC”. … Continue reading

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White Girl in the Library (a Response to Asians in the Library video)

Last night a friend of mine sent me a hilarious YouTube video. And by hilarious, I mean so utterly offensive and ignorant that it’s flat-out impossible to take seriously, so the only possible reaction is laughter. At the time the … Continue reading

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If Jason Bourne Were a Rice Queen, He’d Be Me

I am comically horrible at finding people in a crowd. On more than one occasion I’ve scanned a busy food court or college campus only to have the friend I was looking for tap me on the shoulder from right … Continue reading

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