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The Hunt For My First Non-Asian Lover

It was a cold and rather boring night out in San Francisco when my tired eyes glanced over to the dance floor and noticed him. He had an amazing smile with these incredible dimples you could do shots out of. … Continue reading

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My Classy Asian Brotha

It’s true in anyone’s life that the family you’re born into isn’t the only family you’ve got. There’s the family that you find for yourself amongst your closest peers and mentors, but there’s also the family that finds you… It … Continue reading

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PWC (aka The Lord of the Penis)

I have this group of friends that’s primarily gay Asian guys (which you should have assumed by this point), and one of the first times I was hanging with them at a bar, they started throwing around the term “PWC”. … Continue reading

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White Girl in the Library (a Response to Asians in the Library video)

Last night a friend of mine sent me a hilarious YouTube video. And by hilarious, I mean so utterly offensive and ignorant that it’s flat-out impossible to take seriously, so the only possible reaction is laughter. At the time the … Continue reading

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If Jason Bourne Were a Rice Queen, He’d Be Me

I am comically horrible at finding people in a crowd. On more than one occasion I’ve scanned a busy food court or college campus only to have the friend I was looking for tap me on the shoulder from right … Continue reading

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Light Skin, Dark Skin, My Asian Persuasion

You know that Janet Jackson song “Feedback” from a few years ago? I love it! Whenever it comes on at the club (which is becoming all too rare, such is the sad fate of pop music that’s more than a … Continue reading

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